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Service to mankind

Sertoma is a terrific way to connect with your community. The three syllables

(Ser-to-ma) are an acronym for

SERvice TO MAnkind


Cedar Valley Sertoma Flag Project

The international charity of Sertoma is directed toward speech and hearing disorders. For example, Sertoma is the largest granting charity for students who pursue degrees in the treatment of speech and hearing disorders.


Funds from this endeavor will be used by the Cedar Valley Sertoma Club to fund a variety of local projects, including scholarships for UNI students in the field of communicative disorders.

Help support Sertoma by displaying an American flag on specific holidays throughout the year. Our team will install a semi-permanent flag pole holder below ground level at your convenience which will house a 10-foot pole with a 3×5-foot United States Flag.

Connect with us!

Make a Donation

Make a gift to help support the Cedar Valley Sertoma Club, our community and our purpose. We greatly appreciate your donation!

Join Sertoma

Want to become involved in the community? Join Sertoma and take a leadership role in serving your community and country!

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